Where's Waldo Right to Movement

Where’s Waldo at a Palestinian Marathon?

Waldo seems to have a knack for getting lost in big crowds in Bethlehem. Last time it was when the pope visited, and now it's during the Right to Movement - Palestine Marathon. Maybe you can spot him in this dense crowd of approximately 4,300 people in Manger Square. Is he standing close to the Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born? Or is he warming up with the half-marathon runners in front of the stage? Or maybe he's somewhere else in the crowd. Two thirds of the people in attendance are local Palestinians (Christian and Muslim) and the other third are from around the world (including some Israelis). Everyone is participating to advocate for the basic human right to movement, a right Palestinians don't often get to enjoy

The Marathon symbolically went from manger square, north towards the Israeli-built separation wall, through two refugee camps, and back to manger square. Waldo's time was 1:01:39. Not bad for someone who doesn't train or practice. But at the end he had to slow down and find a trash can because he felt like puking.

Luckily he managed to hobble across the finish line. Waldo always prevails. So try to find him in the crowd. 

HINT: Waldo is facing away from the camera.

(Photo credit goes to Nader Abusaada. I found it on Instagram from his account @Nader10Abusaada and asked him for a high-res version. He kindly and swiftly replied. Thanks Nader!)



Where's Waldo in the Crowd

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