The Weekend of My Victori(a)ous Proposal

I am getting married. Or rather, we are getting married.         But maybe you’ve never met my wonderful fiancé (full name: “Daniela Amestegui”) so this might come as a bit of a shock. If it does, then bear with me. I’ll tell you all about her and how we met in another […]

Ottawa and Waldo

Where’s Waldo at a Canada Day in Ottawa

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday! Find me stumbling through the crowd with my stack of books. I came to Ottawa to participate in the Faith 150 Millennial summit as a representative of Canada’s Protestant Christian community. I couldn’t have been here without the generous support I received from friends in my GoFundMe campaign. See it here: […]

Poem of God and Diving into his heart

As Though on a Diving Board – A Poem

Every new day, as though on a diving board I stare into God. He calls me down with gravity But fearful comfort keeps me And I must choose to dive.   To strike the surface of His heart With a gentle thunderclap And sink to swirling depths Through leagues of cashmere wool. To breathe His […]

The Brilliance Advent B Sides Palestine Song

3 Must-Hear New Songs Featuring Modern-Day Bethlehem

This post was originally published on Christians in the West are starting to wake up to the harsh realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s starting to show in their music. Here are three songs I’ve discovered this year that illustrate my point. Aside from their heart-wrenchingly beautiful composition and powerful lyrics, all of them feature the […]

5 Most Hip Coffee Shops in Bethlehem

As a North American in the Middle-East I often find myself craving a place where I can find a western-style coffee, a comfortable seat, and a nice relaxing ambiance. Sadly, places like this are very hard to come-by in Palestine. You’ll find a Starbucks in the distance only to discover it’s actually a “Stars & Bucks” with kitschy […]

Felix Nussbaum

The Many Ways the Holocaust Affected Me

Martin Luther King Jr. famously said “an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Never has this been more apparent than with the holocaust. The devastating effects of this horrifying spectacle of human depravity caused ripple effects across the globe. Even I, as young Christian from the West Coast of Canada, distant from the holocaust […]

Walter Brynjolfson at Canada park in Israel

2 Reasons why every Canadian should visit “Canada Park”

At first it seems like a regular old park in Israel, but in reality, it’s a destination every Canadian should visit, especially those who identify as Christian. Here are two reasons why it should be a top priority on your list of destinations.    Orthodox Easter in Bethlehem was in full swing this weekend and a few […]

How Meditation (and the Rosary) Saved My Faith

Based on my own experiences and what I’ve seen among compatriots, it seems millennial Evangelical Christians in North America (like myself) are particularly susceptible to getting caught in turbulent storms of philosophical and theological angst. Our frustrations, unrest, and a slew of other sentiments often lead us to deconstruct the beliefs we inherited from our parents. This process […]

Where's Waldo Right to Movement

Where’s Waldo at a Palestinian Marathon?

Waldo seems to have a knack for getting lost in big crowds in Bethlehem. Last time it was when the pope visited, and now it’s during the Right to Movement – Palestine Marathon. Maybe you can spot him in this dense crowd of approximately 4,300 people in Manger Square. Is he standing close to the Church […]

Human Rights Activist Imad / Emad Abu Shamsiya

Sleepover with a Human Rights Hero

Simply by studying Peace Studies in Palestine I seem to find myself in all sorts of interesting situations. Sometimes they’re fun and lighthearted, like when I get to see all the amazing religious festivities, historical sites, and cultural celebrations in this amazing region. But other times you end up witnessing some of the most tragic and unsettling displays of human […]