The Brilliance Advent B Sides Palestine Song

3 Must-Hear New Songs Featuring Modern-Day Bethlehem

This post was originally published on Christians in the West are starting to wake up to the harsh realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s starting to show in their music. Here are three songs I’ve discovered this year that illustrate my point. Aside from their heart-wrenchingly beautiful composition and powerful lyrics, all of them feature the […]

Felix Nussbaum

The Many Ways the Holocaust Affected Me

Martin Luther King Jr. famously said “an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Never has this been more apparent than with the holocaust. The devastating effects of this horrifying spectacle of human depravity caused ripple effects across the globe. Even I, as young Christian from the West Coast of Canada, distant from the holocaust […]

Walter Brynjolfson at Canada park in Israel

2 Reasons why every Canadian should visit “Canada Park”

At first it seems like a regular old park in Israel, but in reality, it’s a destination every Canadian should visit, especially those who identify as Christian. Here are two reasons why it should be a top priority on your list of destinations.    Orthodox Easter in Bethlehem was in full swing this weekend and a few […]

Human Rights Activist Imad / Emad Abu Shamsiya

Sleepover with a Human Rights Hero

Simply by studying Peace Studies in Palestine I seem to find myself in all sorts of interesting situations. Sometimes they’re fun and lighthearted, like when I get to see all the amazing religious festivities, historical sites, and cultural celebrations in this amazing region. But other times you end up witnessing some of the most tragic and unsettling displays of human […]

Holy-Week-Church-Crawl in Jerusalem

The Legendary Holy Week Church Crawl

Seen here is a man suffering from acute exhaustion. The stamina required to do a pub crawl is pretty remarkable (so I hear), but a CHURCH crawl is on a league of its own. Especially in Jerusalem on Holy Week; with throngs of pilgrims, long walks between churches, prolonged liturgies, and the buckets of communion wine, it can take a […]

My Geometric Dove Tattoo done at Razzouk's Parlor in Jerusalem

The Story of my Jerusalem Pilgrimage Tattoo

In November 2015 my friend Jonathan and I got tattoos from Wassim Razzouk in the Old City of Jerusalem. His family has been tattooing christian pilgrims for many generations. As it so happens, a radio reporter was there at the same time, so the story of my tattoo can be heard on the Deutsch Welle website […]

Martin Luther King Jr in Birmingham Jail

3 Universal Truths from Birmingham Jail

As a student of Peace Studies, I inevitably turn my attention to the great leaders of social movements in the 20th century. In my spare time I have read Gandhi’s autobiography; the result of which has left me a aghast at my own spiritual insufficiencies and driven to carry-on his torch of “experimenting in truth.” […]

Painting of Jesus by Emmanuel Ar

My friend with Two Fathers

This pastel image of Jesus was painted by my friend Emmanuel. When he first showed it to me he said: “This is what I see in my dreams.” I first got to know Emmanuel back in September. I lived in a guesthouse that doubled as a coffee shop where he worked. Whenever I asked how he was […]

Shane, Francis, Mandela, Tutu, Teresa, Peace

6 Essential Qualities of an Effective Peacemaker

Peacemaking is a very difficult calling. Not just because of the seemingly insurmountable challenges that always lie ahead, but because of the prerequisites required to be effective. Like any profession or hobby there are a handful of key qualities an effective peacemaker should espouse; but unlike all other professions, they aren’t necessarily tangible.  They don’t […]

The kind of travellers who visit Jerusalem

3 Types of Travellers in Jerusalem

There seem to be three types of Westerners who visit Israel: Jews who visit because of their ethnic roots, Christians who visit for religious reasons, and secular types who simply visit because of historical interest. As luck would have it I met some of the most fascinating examples of all three in my first day. […]