How Meditation (and the Rosary) Saved My Faith

Based on my own experiences and what I’ve seen among compatriots, it seems millennial Evangelical Christians in North America (like myself) are particularly susceptible to getting caught in turbulent storms of philosophical and theological angst. Our frustrations, unrest, and a slew of other sentiments often lead us to deconstruct the beliefs we inherited from our parents. This process […]

Martin Luther King Jr in Birmingham Jail

3 Universal Truths from Birmingham Jail

As a student of Peace Studies, I inevitably turn my attention to the great leaders of social movements in the 20th century. In my spare time I have read Gandhi’s autobiography; the result of which has left me a aghast at my own spiritual insufficiencies and driven to carry-on his torch of “experimenting in truth.” […]

Monty Python with John Cleese Cheese Shop Skit - Philosophy

Monty Python and Philosophy #1: The Cheese Shop

  Sometime, Monty Python seems a bit too silly.   But despite all appearances, the writers and actors of Monty Python’s Flying Circus are brilliant men. Under those silly outfits are Oxford and Cambridge graduates with a knack for writing witty and biting comedy, rife with poignant statements about society, existence, and politics. So I thought I would start a […]

a philosophy regarding consumerism

Solving Consumerism: It’s a Piece of Cake.

Here’s a statement we’ve all heard a thousand times: Buying things won’t make you truly happy. If you’ve participated in any of the major world religions or grown up watching characters like Scrooge, you’ve likely been told this many times in your life. The statement has repeated itself in various forms throughout history and it’s been recited by all […]

powerful reasons why charity isn't enough

5 Reasons Why Voluntary Charity Isn’t Enough for Society

Conservatives and libertarians often argue social provisions for the poor and needy should be supplied via voluntary charitable donations, and not through ‘coercive’ taxation and social welfare. But is it enough to depend on charity to deal with society’s immense mental health, drug addiction, and homelessness issues? To be honest, I sometimes wonder how conservative […]

New Film Selma Stands Up for Universal Truths

In the days surrounding the Charlie Hebdo massacre last week and the horrific genocidal rampage in Nigeria I couldn’t help but feel an impulsive antagonisms towards religion. Not just Islam but ALL religion. Sure, it’s only the extremists committing those unspeakable acts of violence, and they’re a rare minority in the billions of people who […]

5 reasons why Tangled is a parable of the Gospel

I’m a geek. My biggest enjoyment from watching a Disney film (or any film for that matter) comes from scrutinizing it for a deeper meaning. There’s something inherently satisfying about trying to find a movie’s message. Often times that message is intentionally written into the story by the author and it’s up to us to […]