5 Most Hip Coffee Shops in Bethlehem

As a North American in the Middle-East I often find myself craving a place where I can find a western-style coffee, a comfortable seat, and a nice relaxing ambiance. Sadly, places like this are very hard to come-by in Palestine. You’ll find a Starbucks in the distance only to discover it’s actually a “Stars & Bucks” with kitschy […]

Walter Brynjolfson at Canada park in Israel

2 Reasons why every Canadian should visit “Canada Park”

At first it seems like a regular old park in Israel, but in reality, it’s a destination every Canadian should visit, especially those who identify as Christian. Here are two reasons why it should be a top priority on your list of destinations.    Orthodox Easter in Bethlehem was in full swing this weekend and a few […]

Holy-Week-Church-Crawl in Jerusalem

The Legendary Holy Week Church Crawl

Seen here is a man suffering from acute exhaustion. The stamina required to do a pub crawl is pretty remarkable (so I hear), but a CHURCH crawl is on a league of its own. Especially in Jerusalem on Holy Week; with throngs of pilgrims, long walks between churches, prolonged liturgies, and the buckets of communion wine, it can take a […]

My Geometric Dove Tattoo done at Razzouk's Parlor in Jerusalem

The Story of my Jerusalem Pilgrimage Tattoo

In November 2015 my friend Jonathan and I got tattoos from Wassim Razzouk in the Old City of Jerusalem. His family has been tattooing christian pilgrims for many generations. As it so happens, a radio reporter was there at the same time, so the story of my tattoo can be heard on the Deutsch Welle website […]

6 Days in Cyprus

I’ve spent the last week in Cyprus. “The Whore of the World” as one Greek Cypriot sardonically described it. His choice of description, though a bit jarring, is poetically accurate. This Island has been the subject of countless military conquests over the last several millenia; repeatedly breaking under the unstoppable power of larger empires. It  received independence […]

Christmas Wishes from a Grateful Globe-Trotter

This post is intended to be a Christmas greeting for all the generous people who helped me as I traveled abroad; and a fun photo map for anyone whose interested. Dear friends, It’s crazy to think it’s already December and we’re drawing close to the end of the year. I reflect back on everything that […]