The Brilliance Advent B Sides Palestine Song

3 Must-Hear New Songs Featuring Modern-Day Bethlehem

This post was originally published on Christians in the West are starting to wake up to the harsh realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s starting to show in their music. Here are three songs I’ve discovered this year that illustrate my point. Aside from their heart-wrenchingly beautiful composition and powerful lyrics, all of them feature the […]

5 Most Hip Coffee Shops in Bethlehem

As a North American in the Middle-East I often find myself craving a place where I can find a western-style coffee, a comfortable seat, and a nice relaxing ambiance. Sadly, places like this are very hard to come-by in Palestine. You’ll find a Starbucks in the distance only to discover it’s actually a “Stars & Bucks” with kitschy […]

Where's Waldo Right to Movement

Where’s Waldo at a Palestinian Marathon?

Waldo seems to have a knack for getting lost in big crowds in Bethlehem. Last time it was when the pope visited, and now it’s during the Right to Movement – Palestine Marathon. Maybe you can spot him in this dense crowd of approximately 4,300 people in Manger Square. Is he standing close to the Church […]

The pope visited Palestine in Bethlehem and Waldo was there

Where’s Waldo with the Pope in Bethlehem?

Back in 2014 the pope visited Palestine and conducted an open-air mass in Manger Square, Bethlehem. Waldo heard there would be crowds so he showed up, and he got lost just as the pope was driving through in his pope mobile.  CLICK to find Waldo with the Pope in Bethlehem Find Waldo in other places […]