The Brilliance Advent B Sides Palestine Song

3 Must-Hear New Songs Featuring Modern-Day Bethlehem

This post was originally published on Christians in the West are starting to wake up to the harsh realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s starting to show in their music. Here are three songs I’ve discovered this year that illustrate my point. Aside from their heart-wrenchingly beautiful composition and powerful lyrics, all of them feature the […]

How Meditation (and the Rosary) Saved My Faith

Based on my own experiences and what I’ve seen among compatriots, it seems millennial Evangelical Christians in North America (like myself) are particularly susceptible to getting caught in turbulent storms of philosophical and theological angst. Our frustrations, unrest, and a slew of other sentiments often lead us to deconstruct the beliefs we inherited from our parents. This process […]